Cedar Park Buying and Investing

As you look toward your next real estate purchase, please consider having one of the experienced professional Realtors® at 360 Properties assist you. Whether you are looking for a single family home, condo, town home, high-rise apartment, farm or ranch, investment property, or custom new home, we have a specialist to assist you. We can also help you decide what is right for you. Our knowledge is unmatched, our experience is vast, and our results are well-documented. If you aren’t sure whether or not you want Realtor® representation, or if you are wanting to learn more about the buying process, please visit the buying process. Click here to immediately be put in touch with a buyer specialist.

  • Pre-existing home

    Pre-existing homes are homes that have previously been lived in. There are a number of advantages to purchasing a pre-existing home. They can generally be purchased quickly (15 to 30 days) they are often located in well-established neighborhoods close to existing infrastructure such as parks and schools and other attractions. Pre-existing homes can be move-in ready with things such as window blinds, landscaping, and appliances already in place.

  • New Home Sales

    New homes fall somewhere on a scale ranging from spec to custom. A completely spec home is built to the builders specifications and then placed on the market for sale. A complete custom home is built to the buyer’s specifications exactly for that one buyer. Of course there are an infinite variety of homes somewhere between complete spec and complete custom. Wherever you might fall on that scale, 360 Properties can assist you in finding what works best for you, your budget, and your time frame. We have intimate knowledge of builders from full custom to full spec. We can assist you in finding land and building the custom home of your dreams, or we can help find the neighborhood with a spec home that meets all your needs and can be moved into quickly. Most importantly, we can help you negotiate the process to avoid costly mistakes.

  • Lots & Farm and Ranch

    Our land specialists can help you find and buy the perfect property for your needs. Whether it is a big game hunting ranch, or an investment lot, there is a specialized knowledge that one should be armed with before purchasing. Let us minimize the risk and maximize the reward that you get out of your land purchase.

  • High Rise apartment/condo

    The high rise apartment/condo market has exploded in Austin. People are flocking to downtown Austin which has quickly become a cultural center of the United States. Shopping, entertainment, festivals, and an electric energy brings people to the city center to live, work, and play. Whether you are looking to purchase or rent, we can help you find the perfect high rise apartment or condo.

  • Condos, and Townhomes

    Townhomes are generally attached residences that share outdoor property with the other units. They are a popular option with people looking to downsize or simplify. Exterior maintenance is minimal and single or multi-story homes can be found. Townhomes often allow buyers to get into neighborhoods or areas where single-family residences might be just out of their price range. Townhomes on golf courses or with water views are an example of this. Empty nesters, widowers, and young professionals alike often find townhomes to be their best option for their lifestyle. Our townhome/condo specialists can help you find the perfect match for you.

  • Investment Properties

    Single family homes, and Multi-family; duplex, fourplex, triplex Here at 360 Properties, we are experts at helping investors locate, buy and manage real estate. Whether it is land, single-family, single-family, multi-family, large or small, we have the proven experience to make real estate investment painless, and more importantly, profitable.

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The Buying Process

As you look toward your next real estate purchase, please consider having the experienced professional Realtors at 360 Properties assist you. Our knowledge is unmatched, our experience is vast, and our results are well-documented. If you aren’t sure whether or not you want Realtor representation, or if you are wanting to learn more about the buying process, please visit the buying process. Click here to immediately be put in touch with a buyer specialist.

We have assembled this overview along with more in depth resources on our website to assist you in the buying process. Our imbedded online resources can help you take the mystery and hassle out of buying real estate. We also recommend that you request a free copy of our comprehensive Home Buyer’s Guide.

Step 1: Get Pre-Qualified

If you will be utilizing a loan to purchase real estate, the first step in the process is to get pre-qualified. Our years of experience has enabled us to identify the best in the mortgage business. If you would like to start the pre-approval process, complete this form and we will connect you with our preferred lenders. You may also use our mortgage calculator tool.

Step 2: Research

We have many resources available to assist you in researching your purchase. A good place to start, is by educating yourself about the Austin area. You may click on one of the links below to receive free information about the Austin area:

  • Relocation Guide
  • Austin Neighborhood Guide
  • Schools Guide

Once you have some general knowledge about the Austin area, you can use our embedded Austin Home Search Tool to search for specific properties. Access to this search tool is free and powerful, allowing search by many parameters including square footage, school district, zip code, and many more. This is a great tool for narrowing down what you are looking for in addition to gaining some insight into current market conditions.

Step 3: Representation

It is possible to purchase real estate without professional Realtor representation. It is also possible to represent oneself as a defendant in a criminal case. Neither is, in our opinion, well advised. Real estate transactions are complex, and the process can be overwhelming without professional Realtor help. For most people, a real estate purchase is the largest single investment they will ever make. Why not let a licensed pro be with you every step of the way to insure you are protected and prevent unnecessary mistakes?

Our experience has taught us that buyers with real estate agents representing them generally are much more satisfied with their purchases. It is important for buyers to know that a Seller’s agent represents the Seller and the Seller only. It is the law. The Seller has an agent representing their interests, shouldn’t you have a Buyer Agent representing your interests? Allow us to represent you and put our years of experience and vast knowledge to work for you to insure the best possible buying experience and investment of your money.

There is a breadth and depth of knowledge that can’t be gained simply by searching the internet. Our agents have access to information not available to consumers as well as years of experience and hundreds of successful transactions to their credit. Add to that, personal knowledge of neighborhoods, builders, inspectors, contractors, and mortgage professionals. Our goal is a smooth and worry free purchase of the best property at the best price.

Step 4: Select & Purchase

After you have been pre-qualified, done some initial research, and retained a buyer’s agent, the fun part begins. Your Realtor will meet with you and begin showing you properties that fit your specific criteria. You can relax and enjoy picking out your new home knowing that your agent is looking out for your best interest. Once you have found the perfect property, your agent will begin working hard to negotiate the best deal and make sure that the purchase process goes smoothly.